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Asian Social Project Services, Inc.

Your global partner in consultancy and training management for the underserved sectors of society.

ASPSI Commitment


ASPSI prides itself with topnotch partners and consultants from wide areas of expertise. While the experiences and achievements of our consultants are inimitable, our efforts are focused on outcomes that benefit people directly, whether assisting NGOs or implementing government programs, designing training courses or planning for community developments in a relatively new field.

ASPSI Builds Capabilities 

ASPSI recognizes that capability building, the process of strengthening the knowledge, skills, and resources, of development organizations including communities is essential to be able to effectively respond to the needs of the.

ASPSI contributes to capacity building

ASPSI offers customized training and study tour programs using adult learning methodologies to ensure effective knowledge, technology, and skills transfer. ASPSI provides professional, friendly, and flexible training management services to its clients.

Customized Program

The training and study tour programs are customized based on the identified needs and requirements of the trainees.

Diverse Approaches

Participants are exposed to diverse training approaches and methodologies to ensure optimum learning.

Professional Training Team

Training management specialist and subject matter experts are engaged to achieve the objectives of the program.


The cost-effectiveness in the management of training or study tour program is of utmost important.

Administrative and Welfare Support

Participants are assisted by dedicated welfare coordinators during the entire duration of the training.

Program Evaluation

Conduct of an end-of-program evaluation to measure the effectiveness of the teaching methods, the competence of the resource persons and the overall management of the program.

Partner with us and together, we will pursue project development and management solutions.


Supported by more than 16 years of consulting and project management experience, ASPSI has established its capability to implement social, economic, and environmental management and development studies, including monitoring and evaluation studies, and baseline/midline/endline surveys, impact assessment, market research, behavioral change communication studies, and policy studies, employing quantitative and qualitative research approaches.

ASPSI utilizes modern technology in the conduct of research from data collection, processing, to data analysis and presentation of the results. In conducting survey for instance, its field researchers use computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) using android tablets or smartphones. This allows the field researchers to collect and transmit data from the field to a cloud-based server. This method also allows real-time monitoring of data quality, reduces enumerator’s error and eliminates the need for data entry.

ASPSI offers customized training and study tour programs using adult learning methodologies to ensure effective knowledge, technology, and skills transfer. Considering its decade of managerial and administrative experience in support of in-country and overseas training and study tour programs, ASPSI provides professional, friendly, and flexible training management services to its local and international clients.

ASPSI has over 200 local and international consultants in various fields and disciplines including agriculture, urban and rural development, environment, climate change, education, health, among others. ASPSI has a system and procedure in placed to provide qualified and credible experts for development projects.

For local projects, ASPSI is registered with the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) since 2009. Presently, ASPSI has Platinum membership with PhilGEPS, a single, centralized electronic portal that serves as the primary and definitive source of information on government procurement. For international projects, ASPSI is registered with the procurement platforms or electronic tendering systems of different international and donor agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Food Programme, among others.

Latest Projects

ASPSI contributes to capacity building

Evaluation of the Expanded SURE Aid and Recovery Project

ACPC commissioned ASPSI to conduct the evaluation.


Building Safe Agricultural Food Enterprises (B-SAFE) Project Mid-term Evaluation

Winrock International contracted ASPSI to implement the evaluation.


Household survey of IPs on Covid 19 Vaccination Coverage

DOH and World Bank engaged ASPSI to implement the nationwide survey.

Our Company

The Asian Social Project Services, Inc. (ASPSI) is an international consultancy and training service provider catering to the underserved sectors of the society. It is registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission since 2007.

With its vision of being the top global provider of social development solutions, it is dedicated to the principle that “people make a difference” and is reflected on the innovative and participatory style of project management.

General Questions

Asian Social Project Services, Inc. specializes in providing consultancy and training services to the underserved sectors of society, aiming to empower individuals and communities for positive social impact.

We provide consultancy services across a diverse range of areas, including but not limited to education, healthcare, economic development, and community empowerment.

Our training courses and study tour programs allow the trainees/participants to improve knowledge and skills, gather additional insights, and gain practical experiences, which can help them perform better in their home country.

While our roots are in Asia, we are a global consultancy and training service provider. We are committed to making a positive impact wherever our services are needed, regardless of geographic boundaries.

We welcome partnerships with organizations, NGOs, and individuals who share our vision for social development. To explore collaboration opportunities, please reach out to us through our contact page or email us at [email protected], [email protected]

Our commitment to serving underserved sectors, coupled with our holistic and customized approach, sets us apart. We focus on creating sustainable solutions and fostering positive change in the communities we work with.

ASPSI has assisted in development projects and research studies funded by international organizations (Asian Development Bank, World Bank, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Winrock International, World Health Organization (WHO), British Council, Chemonics International, and World Food Programme (WFP); national government agencies such as the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), Philippine Competition Commission (PCC), National Nutrition Council (NNC), Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS), Agricultural Credit Policy Council (ACPC), Department of Health (DOH), and National Center for Mental Health (NCMH); and some private organizations.

countries impacted

Completed Projects

Endline Survey for the Impact Evaluation


Consultancy Services for the Conduct of an Endline Survey for the Impact Evaluation of the ConVERGE Project

Evaluation Study on the Implementation


Evaluation Study on the Implementation of the Policy on Alternative Work Arrangements amidst the Continuing Pandemic in Selected Government Agencies and LGUs in NCR

Consulting Services for the Baseline Study of Agri-Negosyo Loan


Mid-term Evaluation of the Production Loan Easy Access


Conduct of FY 2021 PCC Client Satisfaction Survey


Embrace the present, empower the future. Sustainable development is not a choice; it's our collective responsibility to ensure a flourishing world for generations to come.

ASPSI Statement of Capability

To enable clients to achieve growth and development impacting the underserved sector of the society, ASPSI provides professional expertise, technical assistance, and training management services.