What We Do

At Asian Social Project Services, Inc., we are committed to making a meaningful impact on underserved sectors through our comprehensive consultancy and training services.

Services Offered

Technical Assistance and Consultancy

ASPSI provides technical assistance in the management and implementation of social, economic, and environment development projects such as capacity building; advocacy interventions; information, education and communication; research studies such as monitoring and evaluation studies; policy studies, surveys, baseline and benchmark studies, and impact assessment; in diverse fields of health, education, agriculture, rural development, forestry and environment, organizational development, governance, and other related fields.

Training Course and Study Tour Program

Short-term training course involves the placement of trainees either to customized or regular training courses.  In line with ASPSI’s objective to deliver only the best quality service to its clients, every training course is designed to put a balance between theoretical and practical inputs.  Within this context, courses are conducted using adult learning methodologies to ensure effective knowledge, skills, and technology transfer. Moreover, ASPSI organizes in-country and overseas observation visits and study tour programs.   It involves visits to various government and non-government organizations, project offices and private agencies for briefings, discussions and interaction with key officers and staff.  This allows the trainees to gather additional insights and practical experiences, which they can implement in their home country.

Individual Placement

With its database of international and local experts and capitalizing on the established linkage with different institutions and organizations both from the public and private sector, ASPSI has a system and procedure in placed to provide placement services to its pool of consultants.

ASPSI has already fielded international consultants in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Mozambique, Philippines, Tajikistan, and Zambia. These consultants provided technical assistance and expert advice to successfully implement development projects in the areas of agriculture, education, communication, research, gender and development, and commerce and trade.

Sectors of Interest


Improving health outcomes and empowering communities through health promotion, health education, and evidence-based healthcare solutions.


Cultivating climate smart and resilient agriculture for food secured nation through empowering extension workers and farmers, results-based monitoring and evaluation, and demonstration of innovative agricultural practices.

Social Services

Addressing social challenges through community-centric programs. We believe in the power of collective action to uplift and support those in need.


Championing sustainable forestry practices for environmental conservation. Our initiatives promote responsible forest management and biodiversity preservation.


Investing in education for lasting impact. Our programs range from literacy initiatives to advanced skill development, fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

Environment & Climate Change

Taking action against climate change through sustainable practices and awareness initiatives. We work towards a greener, more resilient planet for generations to come.

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Partners and Clients

ASPSI’s clients include international organizations, government agencies, and private organizations.